This is Patch. She is a registered paint mare. Her registered name is Shezapatcheswindmccue (reg# 743,451) through The American Paint Horse Association. She is registered under a former owners name, not mine although I do have the required paperwork for her to be registered under myself or whomever purchases her. Her Sire was Wasioja Dale and Dam Banditis Addition. When she came to us was in need of weight and hoof care. She had abscesses which have since been corrected and she is now sound on her feet and lopes with ease. She was well loved by her former owner who simply could not care for her due to health issues. She came to us in August of this year and is making remarkable progress. We have since corrected those problems and are re-training this loving horse. She loves attention and is welcoming to hands on contact for those of all ages. She is a gentle and quiet mare. We have put many different riders on her (some beginners and some who have been riding for years.), Patch has been rode in pastures and alongside the road as well while in our care. We have also led the horse with small children on her back. Patch stands between 15 and 15.1 hands.

 Meet Splash! He is a 3 year old Paint Gelding, 1/2 brother to Cisco who is also here with us on the Ranch. They have the same father and Splash came to me as a stud in July of this year. He did not come with a name and my Kids came up with Splash based on his colors.When he runs or plays Splash will occasionally hold his tail out like an Arabian. He has been ground worked 3 time so far and has been saddled once. He is one of the horses we obtained that had no prior hands on contact and/or training. Since, we have had him Splash has become a lovable horse who loves attention! Splash is available for sale as is or after training.

 Snickerdoodle is a yearling Appaloosa, who loves attention. She currently shares a pasture with 3 other horses and gets along well with all of them. As of right now I have not worked her except to get her used to hands on contact. Willing to sell as is.

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